1. Participation fees

The participation fee for one Summer School is 850 euro, and the participation fee for two Summer Schools is 1600 euro  (no VAT is due). Non-cumulable reductions are available for Alumni (participants to previous editions of the Summer Schools) and for multiple PhD students from the same Department applying to the Summer School.

a. Special fees for Alumni

- Fee for one school: 800 euro

- Fee for two schools: 1500 euro


b. Special fees for multiple PhD students from the same Department applying to the school

- Unitary fee for two PhD students: 800 euro

- Unitary fee for three PhD students: 750 euro

- Unitary fee for four PhD students: 700 euro

- Unitary fee for five or more PhD students: 670 euro


Fees include articles, book, social dinner, gadget and other teaching materials. Fees do not include travel expenses, lodging, and food.


2. Application

Applications to the 2020 Summer Schools will be open in February/March 2020.