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The Summer Schools on Research Methods for Social Sciences, organized by SDIPA from 2006 to 2012, and by the Department of Business Administration and Law of the University of Calabria from 2013, have gradually earned a role of leadership in the training of PhD students, post-doc researchers, assistant professors and other academics in Europe. 

The Summer Schools aim at presenting, discussing and sharing theories and applications of state-of-the-art research methods for the social sciences, with a strong emphasis on immediate applicability of models and techniques to specific research problems.


The program of the 2017 Summer Schools taught in English is the following:

Experimental Design & Analysis (September 11-15 2017)

Lecturer: Irene Scopelliti (Cass Business School, London)

Entry skills required: none

The summer school focuses on the conceptual and operational aspects of experimental design. Specifically, the school covers the designs and analyses that are most often used by experimental researchers. Topics include the characteristics of different experimental designs, the manipulation of independent variables, the conditions to maximize internal validity, and the statistical techniques used to analyze experimental data. At the end of the school participants will be able to test causal hypotheses by designing valid experimental studies and applying the appropriate statistical analyses (e.g., t-test, ANOVA) using SPSS.

Program outline

  • Introduction to experimental design: correlation, causation, experimental vs. descriptive research
  • Lab experiments, field experiments, quasi-experiments
  • Manipulation of independent variables: manipulation checks, confounds, demand effects
  • Moderation and mediation effects
  • Statistical analysis for experimental data: t-test, ANOVA, ANCOVA, spotlight analysis, mediation analysis
  • Applications with SPSS


Participants to the school may earn 2 ECTS
Available seats: min 8, max 30
Timing: Start on Monday, 9.30 am / End on Friday, 4.30 pm


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